Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Batten Down The Hatches-Hurricane Florence

Go Away Florence!

Hurricane Florence is a Category 4.  It is moving very slowly so when it hits, it will be here for over 24 hours - possibly up to 36 hours.  I was not worried over Bertha & Fran or any of the others even though some were category 3's. This one has me worried. 

Living on or near the coast has it's assets, but this is the one huge negative.  We've not had a big hurricane since we moved 14 miles inland 16 years ago.  I guess we were due.  Did it have to be a category 4 though!?  Geez!

We definitely have to cancel our Open Stamping & Photo Album Day for Saturday.
Power is sure to be out for a while. As soon as it is back on and I have updates on the surrounding areas, I'll email my local customers to let them know the date we can get together.

I hope everyone is safe through the hurricane and has no major damage.  Please check in with me by text when you can after the storm has cleared and let me know you are ok.  
I'll be worried about you guys. 

**If you are NOT evacuating, please post below so that I know you are staying in the area.**

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